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Is Your Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable?

Today it is not unusual for an employment contract to contain either a non-competition clause or a non-competition agreement. A non-competition agreement allows an employer to restrict an employee's post-employment opportunities by restricting the ability to immediately work for competitors or form a competitor. However, for non-competition agreements to be enforceable in Texas they must follow specific statutory guidelines. Here, at Taylor Dunham and Rodriguez LLP we pride ourselves on being experts in this area of the law and are often retained by businesses, as well as executives and employees, to handle legal disputes regarding non-competition agreements.

Don't Lose Your Priority By Failing to File a Continuation Statement

By creating and perfecting a security interest in a debtor's collateral, a creditor creates priority in the collateral in case of default over other interested parties such as: unsecured creditors, subsequent secured creditors, judicial lien creditors, and the powerful trustee in bankruptcy. For most collateral, simply filing a proper financing statement (such as a UCC-1 financing statement) is the easiest way to perfect a security interest.

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