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Misrepresentation in transactions that sell or offer to sell securities is illegal under both state and federal law. The securities fraud lawyers at Taylor Dunham LLP, are experienced in representing parties who have been damaged in securities transactions. Our securities dispute lawyers represent parties in FINRA arbitration, as well as in filed securities lawsuits. Whether you have been hurt from the sale of stock in a private company or the sale of publically traded stock, you should consult a securities litigation attorney to learn your rights.

Securities fraud may occur through the misrepresentation and other wrongful acts of the following:

  • Corporations (misrepresenting, hiding or distorting information)
  • Executives and control persons at corporations and other business entities (misrepresenting, hiding or distorting information)
  • Broker-dealers (misleading clients or advising based on inside information)
  • Financial advisors or analysts (providing negligent advice or inside information)
  • Partnerships and the partners who control them (misrepresenting, hiding, distorting information or engaging in self-dealing)

Under many state securities statutes, the definition of a "security" is broad, which in turn provides broad relief to those damaged in certain buy-sale transactions. For example, in Texas the term "security" is defined broadly to include a wide array of investments such as stocks, bonds, notes, debentures, limited partnership interests, oil and gas interests, and investment contracts. Generally, an "investment contract" is created when a person invests something of value (usually, money) in a common enterprise with the expectation of a return (e.g., dividends or increased capital) to come through the managerial efforts of someone other than the investor.

Shareholders in many companies, particularly private or closely-held companies, owe each other legal duties. Minority shareholders who have their interests oppressed by the majority or dominant shareholder have legal recourse and should contact a securities litigation attorney who is experienced in the area of oppression of minority shareholders. For more information regarding our oppression of minority shareholder attorneys, please proceed to this page.

Our securities arbitration and litigation attorneys are based in Austin, Texas, and represent clients not only in Austin but throughout Texas and all across the country. At Taylor Dunham LLP you will find securities fraud lawyers who have received preeminent ratings by Martindale-Hubbell, earned board certifications in Civil Trial and Consumer and Commercial Law and received recognition as Super Lawyers. We invite you to review the curriculum vitae of the following securities arbitration and litigation attorneys, which sets forth in more detail our experience:

We combine with our experience in securities arbitration and litigation a willingness to use creative and incentive-based fee arrangements, different from the high hourly rates of large firms. Unlike many larger firms, Taylor Dunham LLP frequently offers clients the benefits of contingency fee arrangements (where we are only compensated if there is a successful recovery) and hybrid fee arrangements (a combination of a reduced hour rate and reduced contingency rate).

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