Conflict Of Interest

Lawyers owe their clients the duty of loyalty, the duty to put the client's interests first and foremost. A "conflict of interest" occurs when an attorney's loyalties are divided or compromised, where the attorney tries to protect the interests of another client, a third party or himself. Lawyers and law firms who engage in a conflict of interest violate their legal and ethical responsibilities. The Austin-based legal malpractice attorneys at Taylor Dunham LLP, have been hired by companies, individuals and bankruptcy trustees to handle many different types of legal malpractice lawsuits, including those which allege a conflict of interest by another attorney or law firm. If you believe your lawyer has engaged in conflict of interest, or has failed to otherwise meet the responsibilities of ethical and competent representation, Contact a legal malpractice lawyer at Taylor Dunham LLP.

Legal malpractice cases are often followed with great interest by other lawyers. Our law firm recently obtained a jury verdict of $1.29 million against DLA Piper in a legal negligence case that was tried in February of 2012. One of the publications that reported on our firm's legal malpractice victory was the Texas Lawyer, a weekly legal publication. The Texas Lawyer subsequently published an article about the top 20 Texas Lawyer articles in 2012 and included the story about our firm's legal malpractice verdict in the top 20. See

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