Trade Secret Litigation

The trade secret attorneys at Taylor Dunham LLP, protect and defend clients against those who misappropriate proprietary information, customer lists, information covered by a confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement, electronic data and other trade secrets. A trade secret is a valuable intellectual property asset that may be lost forever if its owner fails to take legal action when it is stolen or used without authorization. The precise definition of a trade secret varies by jurisdiction, but courts generally define trade secrets to be data, formulas, practices, processes, designs, instrument, patterns, or compilations of information which are not generally known or reasonably ascertainable, by which a business or individual can obtain an economic advantage over competitors or customers. We invite you to contact one of our trade secret attorneys to discuss your rights with regard to trade secrets.

The Austin-based trade secret lawyers at Taylor Dunham LLP are experienced in enforcing the trade secret rights of companies and individuals. Our trade secret litigation experience includes representing companies, partnerships and individuals in the following industries:

  • Semiconductors;
  • Software;
  • Medical devices;
  • Wireless;
  • Computer peripherals;
  • Gaming;
  • Recreational products;
  • Security systems and more.

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