Patent Litigation Defense

Companies of all sizes turn to the Austin-based lawyers at Taylor Dunham LLP, for representation in patent litigation, including when they are sued for patent infringement. Accusations of patent infringement put your company, products and services at risk, and such lawsuits demand effective and strategic defense counsel representing your interests. We have defended companies, partnerships and individuals in the following industries when they are sued for patent infringement:

  • Semiconductors
  • Software
  • Medical devices
  • Wireless
  • Computer peripherals
  • Gaming
  • Recreational products
  • Fashion and more

Your business objectives are paramount. Successful defense of patent infringement claims requires formulating the most effective and efficient defense strategies, whether those lie in the prior art or in a persuasive non-infringement theory. In addition to preparing your case for trial and then conducting the trial through final verdict and judgment, the attorneys at Taylor Dunham LLP, look for opportunities that will provide value for your business in addition to the fundamental objective of a successful defense. Specifically, you may have your own patents and other intellectual property rights that should be asserted against the party who has sued you. We are hired by both sides in patent litigation, and have experience both defending and asserting (by counterclaim if need be) patent infringement claims. There may also be opportunities to cross-license aspects of the patent portfolios involved with the parties of the lawsuit, which can create value that you did not have previously. Our lawyers will work with you to achieve results that benefit your company as much as possible. We combine with our experience in patent litigation and trials an entrepreneurial and pro-active mindset.

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