Bad Faith Litigation

When you take out an insurance policy, you are doing so to protect everything you hold dear, whether that is your family, your financial well-being or your cherished possessions. Unfortunately, paying your premiums on time each month and being a faithful customer do not guarantee you will receive the compensation you deserve in your time of need.

Why? Not all insurance companies are willing to operate in good faith and take care of their customers. Some insurance companies prefer to operate on the principle of, "Heads I win, tails you lose."

The good news is that you do not have to take on the insurance companies by yourself if they have acted in bad faith. An experienced Austin bad faith litigation attorney from Taylor Dunham LLP can help you.

Representing The Victims Of Bad Faith In Austin And Throughout Texas

Our insurance practice helps people statewide in Texas, and can also represent people in other states who have issues with an insurer based in Texas. We have handled bad faith litigation stemming from insurance company actions such as:

  • Failing to defend a policyholder who has been sued
  • Wrongfully denying claims for compensation
  • Failing to timely honor or pay claims for policyholders
  • Failing to reach a reasonable settlement on behalf of a policyholder

Whether your case involves a policy for auto insurance, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, long-term care insurance or even life insurance, our lawyers will be your strongest advocates. We will put strategic planning and aggressive representation on your side, leveling the playing field with the insurance company.

The Insurance Company Is Wrong And We Can Help Make It Right

Contact us today for a consultation if you are ready to explore your legal options as a victim of bad faith. We handle insurance claims disputes on a contingency fee basis, which means we will not collect a fee unless we are able to secure a verdict or settlement for you.