Pharmacy Audits

In the pharmacy business, facing scrutiny from state and federal regulators is exactly where you do not want to be. It is crucial to be fully prepared for audits and to have a strong advocate on your side in order to avoid this scenario.

At Taylor Dunham LLP, we offer exceptional legal representation and strategic planning to pharmacies in Austin and throughout Texas. We can handle all of your audit-related issues so you can focus on what you know best: taking care of your customers and preserving the health of your community.

Safeguarding Pharmacies From The Perils Of Audits

Located in Austin, home to the regulators who will be performing the audits, we understand the stakes of pharmacy audits and aggressively work to limit exposure to complications for our clients.

Before you even know you are being audited, we can work to make sure your pharmacy remains in compliance with all state and federal regulations, so that you will be prepared for any audit that may arise. If you are facing an audit, we can prepare you for the process and be your strongest advocate every step of the way.

Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the issues present in pharmacy audits, and combine that with a tremendous track record in arbitration and litigation. Our attorneys — board-certified in Civil Trial Law — are ready for anything that may happen during this nuanced process.

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