Asset Protection

The bankruptcy process can be used to protect assets from creditors. Common examples are using Chapter 13 bankruptcy to prevent a foreclosure, or taking advantage of exemptions for cash, retirement accounts and vehicles in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.

At Taylor Dunham LLP in Austin, Texas, we understand how important it is for creditors to have an experienced advocate on their side in order to navigate the often murky waters of the bankruptcy process. Our lawyers can be relied upon to protect your rights and ensure you are not left holding the bag as a result of bankruptcy proceedings.

Creditor Representation In Bankruptcy

If you are owed money by a person or business, bankruptcy will eliminate some of the tools you have at your disposal to regain assets or ensure repayment. Repossession will become more difficult or impossible, and wage garnishment will be illegal. In fact, you will not be permitted to pursue collections or make contact with debtors once they have filed for bankruptcy protection.

Once your debtor files for bankruptcy, your outcome will depend on the ability of your attorney to navigate the bankruptcy courts and ensure you are not left out of the repayment plan or liquidation of assets. We will work to make sure that you are able to proceed in a timely fashion on collection of debt or recovery of assets once the process allows. Our swift and decisive actions on your behalf can make all the difference as you look to hold debtors accountable for their actions and protect the financial standing of your business.

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