Suppliers And Vendors

Our lawyers have experience in collecting unpaid invoices for suppliers and vendors. Our attorneys are frequently engaged by companies and individuals to collect the amounts owed for goods and services that have been provided. Our Austin based law firm will enforce your rights to obtain payment from clients and customers who owe you money.

We represent all types of vendors and suppliers collecting their unpaid accounts receivable. We seek recovery of not only the invoiced amount, but also attorney's fees, interest and costs. We have litigated to final verdict, in federal court, in state court and in arbitration, claims of breach of contract, quantum meruit and suit on a sworn account in debt collection matters.

When a party refuses to comply with their obligations to pay for goods and services, a debt collection attorney can help you obtain legal recourse. The litigation attorneys at Taylor Dunham LLP, are experienced in enforcing the rights of companies and individuals. The law allows you to recover not only the amount of the unpaid invoice, but also in many cases attorney's fees, interest and court costs such as the filing fee.

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