Accounts Receivable

Our attorneys are frequently retained by businesses to collect their unpaid invoices. Accounts receivable, the sums owed by customers to another entity for goods or services that have been provided, are typically recorded as an asset on a company's balance sheet. Companies must fully realize the value of their assets and cannot afford to allow their accounts receivable to go unpaid. Our attorneys will enforce your rights to obtain payments for goods and services that you have provided to clients.

Our law firm represents all types of businesses and businesspersons in collecting their unpaid account receivables. We have been hired to collect commercial debt by manufacturers, consulting and professional firms, retailers, technology companies, construction companies and more. We seek recovery of not only the amount owed for the goods or services, but also attorney's fees, interest and costs. We have litigated to final verdict, in federal court, in state court and in arbitration, claims of breach of contract, quantum meruit and suit on a sworn account in debt collection matters.

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