Representing Parties In Commercial Collection Litigation

Do you have accounts receivable that have not been paid? Are you owed money on a promissory note? Are you owed money by another business and looking for help collecting? As business litigation attorneys, we are frequently approached by parties that need our representation to enforce their contract rights and obtain damages in commercial debt collection cases.

We represent all types of businesses and businesspeople in collecting unpaid invoices. We seek recovery of not only the amount owed under the contract or other debt, but also attorney's fees, interest and costs. We have litigated to final verdict, in federal court, in state court and in arbitration claims of breach of contract, quantum meruit and suit on a sworn account in debt collection matters.

Protecting And Enforcing Your Rights

If you won a court judgment, but the other party does not pay, what are your options? If the other party is an active business, there are many options under the law to collect your judgment, including seizing assets and garnishing accounts, among others. As commercial debt collection lawyers, we have collected judgments for our clients using a variety of tools available under Texas law.

We have handled commercial debt collection cases on behalf of businesses and individuals arising from many types of situations, including:

When a party refuses to comply with its obligations, a debt collection attorney can help you obtain legal recourse. The Austin debt collection litigation lawyers at Taylor Dunham LLP are experienced in enforcing the rights of companies and individuals.

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