Bankruptcy Litigation

Taylor Dunham LLP provides the aggressive representation needed to prosecute and defend creditor's rights in bankruptcy litigation in the United States Bankruptcy Court. Our experienced Austin bankruptcy litigation attorneys work together to analyze the transaction, develop a strategic plan and protect our clients' interests to the full extent of the law.

If you are owed money by a person or business that is currently in bankruptcy or whom you believe is intending to file bankruptcy, you have valuable legal rights protected by federal and state law. The debt may be the result of such things as a judgment, an unpaid secured loan, nonpayment under a purchase contractor or various other situations where money is owed. The filing of bankruptcy results in an immediate statutory stay, or stopping, of any efforts to continue collection on the debt or actions to obtain the collateral on the debt.

The security of the debt depends heavily on the assets and liabilities of the debtor in bankruptcy, as well as the nature of the debt owed. Timing can be absolutely crucial in bankruptcy litigation matters in order to perfect the claim. Once the claim is perfected, the law provides various remedies to allow certain creditors the ability to proceed on collection of the debt or recovery of the asset. It takes an experienced bankruptcy litigation attorney to navigate the complex bankruptcy proceedings and rules.

Creditor's Rights in Bankruptcy

Creditor's rights are governed primarily by the United States Bankruptcy Code. All collection activity must be done through the bankruptcy proceeding unless Court approval can be obtained to allow action on the debt or collateral outside the bankruptcy proceeding. If you have a valuable claim against a debtor in bankruptcy, the experienced bankruptcy litigation attorneys at Taylor Dunham LLP are ready to protect your legal rights every step of the way.

Our clients benefit from our experience in:

  • Creditor's rights
  • Defense of bankruptcy preference actions
  • Dischargeability proceedings
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Execution on real property
  • Garnishment of bank accounts
  • Lifting of bankruptcy stay
  • Repossession of collateral

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