Working to Ensure That Policyholders Obtain The Insurance Benefits That Belong To Them

Insurance is a security which is no longer optional in many cases. Proof of automobile insurance is required to operate a motor vehicle in many states. Homeowners insurance is required by mortgage companies, and health insurance is required to receive an increasing number of professional health services.

No one likes to pay for insurance, but no one wants to be caught off guard when it becomes a need, either. Even so, consumers often face frustration when dealing with large insurance companies who wrongfully deny them coverage, refuse to defend them when they are sued, and drag their feet in the payment process if not pressured by an insurance litigation attorney. Finding a good insurance litigation attorney is becoming increasingly important to navigating the bureaucracy of large insurance companies who are less than eager to pay out.

The insurance dispute attorneys at Taylor Dunham LLP are advocates for policyholders who have been wrongfully denied their benefits under an insurance policy or subjected to bad faith actions by adjusters, claims personnel and other representatives of the insurance carrier. You need an experience trial attorney on your side when your insurer refuses to compensate you fairly, unreasonably delays or, worse, denies your claim for benefits. We have experience in litigating insurance coverage issues and are here to fight for your rightful benefits under the insurance contract.

The insurance litigation attorneys from Taylor Dunham LLP, are experienced to deal with matters concerning the wrongful denial of insurance claims, refusal of insurance companies to provide defense to insured parties who are being sued, and other insurance-related disputes.

We combine with our experience in insurance disputes a willingness to use creative and incentive-based fee arrangements, different from the high hourly rates of large firms. Unlike many larger firms, Taylor Dunham LLP frequently offers clients the benefits of contingency fee arrangements (where we are only compensated if there is a successful recovery) and hybrid fee arrangements (a combination of a reduced hour rate and reduced contingency rate). When you need effective and aggressive representation from a contingency fee insurance dispute attorney in Austin, Texas, or elsewhere, Taylor Dunham LLP would welcome your inquiry.

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