Keeping Your Trade Secret a Secret

A trade secret is often what gives a business an edge over other competitors in the field. For instance, Coca-Cola's trade secret is its specific recipe used for its world-famous cola. If this recipe ever got out, the company would be at a distinct disadvantage as other companies would be able to produce an exact replica of their product for less. Unfortunately, trade secrets do get out, and in such a case trade secret attorneys are needed.

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The best way to keep a trade secret from being known is to hire trade secret attorneys from the beginning to help with things such as non-disclosure, non-competition and confidentiality agreements. These attorneys from a business litigation law firm can help draw up these agreements, which will hopefully help you to avoid complex business litigation procedures all together. You can also take certain precautions to keep your trade secrets classified:

  • Keep specified business information secret from anyone who doesn't need to absolutely know.
  • Lock up sensitive files and password-protect computer files.
  • Make certain production areas of the business restricted access only.
  • Require visitors to sign in and out during arrival and departure.

Still, there are times when legal agreements and such precautions will not be enough. Your confidential and proprietary information can end up in your competitors' hands, or your workplace could be infiltrated by someone looking to discover your trade secrets. When this happens, a business litigation law firm should be contacted right away so that you may consult with trade secret attorneys.

Business litigation law firm Taylor Dunham LLP specializes in complex business litigation. We have highly qualified attorneys who specialize in trade secret litigation. Our attorneys often work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they receive no compensation if your claim isn't successful. Your initial consultation is free, so contact us today for more information.

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