Fighting Copyright Infringement

Original works of literature, art and music are protected by copyrights. This means that it is unlawful to copy the work or even part of it. Press releases, marketing material and websites may also be protected by copyrights. Copyright infringement occurs when someone produces something which is substantially similar to your work without receiving your consent. In such a case, you need the help of a business litigation lawyer specializing in copyright disputes

Copyright litigation is also necessary when someone reproduces your work for profit or distributes it without your consent. This is happening all over the web with music and movie file-sharing sites. Copyright infringement attorneys can help when your copyright has been violated. Copyright infringement attorneys can also help enforce other rights of copyright holders, including:

  • Right to Derivative Works. When you create characters in a book or movie, you own the rights to these characters. As a result, it is illegal for someone to make a film out of book you wrote or a sequel of a movie you produce without your permission. If they do, a lawyer who specializes in copyright litigation should be contacted.
  • Public Display Right. You, and only you, have the right to put your work up for public display, be that in the local coffee shop or on the internet. If someone else makes your work available to the public without your consent, copyright infringement lawyers can help.
  • Public Performance Right. You have the exclusive right to recite your work in public. When you write a play, people who wish to perform it publicly must first receive your permission to do so. If they do not, a business litigation attorney can be of assistance. A business litigation attorney can provide information and rights related to copyright disputes.

With the ease of transmitting materials on the internet, copyright litigation has become a hot topic. Copyright laws can be confusing, and you may be unsure if your rights have actually been violated. You should consult copyright infringement lawyers to explore your rights under the federal copyright laws.

Taylor Dunham LLP's business litigation lawyers are experienced in copyright suits. Our copyright infringement attorneys are here to assist you in enforcing your copyright. Do not hesitate to call and speak with a business litigation lawyer from Taylor Dunham LLP.

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